Tile & Grout


Most homeowners have a vested interest in keeping their homes as clean and presentable as possible. This doesn’t mean they have the time or patience to spend hours on their knees scrubbing like Cinderella, though! When it comes to restoring the appearance of grimy tile and grout, Kansas City homeowners know that calling in the experts is the most effective way.

Using top rated chemicals, high-pressure hot water, and agitation we will bring the look of your tile and grout back to its glory days.


Preventing staining of your grout is a top priority after proper cleaning, we offer durable, long lasting sealant that we will professionally apply. This will have your grout lines looking clean until the time of your next clean.

Sometimes your grout was never sealed, or maybe it just wore off sooner than you got it cleaned and it’s now stained.

Color Sealing

Maybe you just want to change the overall color of your grout.

Don’t worry, we also offer color sealing, with the color of your choice, we can change the color of your grout AND seal it all in one.

Grout Repair

Another service we can offer is grout repair. If you have chunks or missing pieces of grout, we can fix it up and relieve your worries.

We will gladly come out and look over the job, take measurements, and answer any of your questions on site before scheduling.